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The new way to travel around the world

Discover secrets, hidden places, and incredible people. Enter a new dimension and give a new meaning to the word «travel».

Tired of mass tourism?

Can you imagine being able to travel the world and have a friend in each city, who shows you the secrets and hidden treasures that only those who live there know about? This is Weyeboo! Enter and level up!

What is Weyeboo?

Weyeboo is the tool of the travelling lovers.

The Weyeboo Start-up was born this 2022 in Girona. With it you will level up in every way. Do you like to travel alone, with family or friends? Do you like to know the culture of that country in a closer way? Do you like to enjoy the gastronomy, culture and leisure of each city or town?

Well, now you have it! Weyeboo allows you to socialize with natives of the places you visit, it allows you to search for outstanding events in the area and join them, discover the culinary, hotel, cultural and sports offer wherever you are.

Do you still want more? Weyeboo is your companion, with him you will travel calmly, safely, responsibly and always connected to new experiences.

Here we all travel.

ALL you need for your

trip, in a single app!

Find natives, discover thousands of services and products available, have fun creating activities and don't forget to hold events. All in Weyeboo!

What can you do?


Through the search engine, find the natives who are waiting for you to show you the secrets of their cities. Use the location, languages ​​and interests filter to meet the people closest to you and thus be able to meet local people, delve into their culture, gastronomy, share experiences and learn about the reality of the place, not just «tourism». Our goal is that you can get out of mass tourism, and that you can see and feel the city as it really is, without makeup or filters, totally authentic. Make your trip real. Live traveling and travel living. And if you wish, become an ambassador of your city for travellers who want to know it.


Weyeboo is a integral app that includes everything any traveler might need before, and during their trip. Our goal is to make less value tasks as simple as possible so you can focus on your journey. You will find accommodation, restaurants, car rental establishments, tourist guides and much more. Find it all on Weyeboo. Make reservations and payments quickly and safely through our app. And the best, direct contact with the establishments through our chat. The entire commercial catalog in a single app and at your fingertips.


Events are the best way to complement your trip and have fun getting to know the cities, their culture, and people. Experiences designed by professionals who make their wide range of events and experiences available to you. From a bicycle route to get to know the Pyrenees area, an excursion to visit the best Catalan coves, boat trips, learning how to make a typical Valencian paella… Here you can find everything to make you smile during your trip. And do not forget it! If you have a good idea and you like to organize events, feel free to create and publish it for free and get some extra income at the end of the month. Travelers are looking for you.


Would you like to meet people during your trip to share a walk, for example, through a park in Berlin? Thanks to Weyeboo’s activities, it is now a breeze! Create activities for other travelers and/or natives to sign up and you can share a good time during your trip. Use the filters so that people with your same hobbies and languages ​​can see your proposal and if they wish, for free, join it and you can enjoy together. A very fun way to meet people during your trip and make every moment unforgettable. And if you find something that interests you, do not hesitate and sign up! 

Discover our App

Intuitive, easy, fun, with many options and FREE. Enter, create your profile and all that remains is to choose the destination and let the journey begin. Your travel companion is here!

01 APRIL 2023! Do not miss the opportunity to be among the first to discover our app and download it. Available version for Android and iOS.


  • When it will be available?
      • The forecast is that the app will be ready for download and use during the first quarter of 2023. Follow us on social networks to find out the current launch date!
  • What is Weyeboo?
      • It is a new app created in Girona whose objective is to put travelers in contact with natives from all over the world so that their travel experience is much more traditional, unique and unrepeatable. It’s like having a friend in any city in the world who can guide you, so you can discover the true secrets of the city only known by the natives there.
  • Is Weyeboo free?
      • Yes, it is a totally free application for Android and iOS devices. You will have 100% options available once you have created your profile.
  • What are Weyeboo’s values?
      • Weyeboo was born with the aim of promoting a new way of traveling that is much closer, local, and real. Escape from «artificial» mass tourism and allow travellers to get closer to the authentic city and its people and culture. It is a digital tool created to connect people of different cultures in person and to socialize again. Our values ​​are respect for cultures, integration, cooperation, solidarity, culture, and the pleasure of traveling.
  • What can I do with Weyeboo?
    • When you have your profile created you will be able to:

      • Find natives anywhere in the world.
      • Act like a native of your city, meet people, practice languages, ​​and become an ambassador for your city.
      • Book and hire services such as accommodation, restaurants, transportation, leisure, culture and much more. 
      • Create activities or sign up for free activities created by other users to improve the day to day on your trip. Share the pleasure of traveling with others.
      • Hire events during your trip, experiences that will make your trip unforgettable.
      • Create paid events in your city for travellers. Offer your events as a good ambassador of your city and get extra income.
  • What are the differences between user and business profile?
      • The user profile is intended for people who act as travellers or as natives. The business profile is intended for companies that have services to offer to other users.
  • What does it mean to be active as a native?
      • It only means that travelers will be able to find your profile in the native search engine and contact you through the app’s chat. You have no obligation to them (neither put up accommodation, nor stay or anything). It will depend on your will as an ambassador and the desire to meet people, practice languages, show your city, make friends, etc… It is up to you.
  • What happen if I’m not active as a native?
      • Nothing happens. You can use the application with 100% options like other users. If you wish, through your profile, you can activate or deactivate as a native whenever you want and in this way, they can only contact you when you want.
  • How can I find natives?
      • Through the native search engine and using the different filters available, you will be able to find the natives that best suit your interests and tastes. Filter by country, city, languages, ​​and interests. You can contact them through the application chat.
  • What are the services?
      • They are products and services offered by companies in the tourism sector that are available to book and contract through the application. Make reservations for hotels, restaurants, buy museum tickets, hire tour guides and much more. At Weyeboo we want you to have everything you need to travel in a single app, so you can spend as little time on tasks instead of traveling. Remember that through chat, you can contact the establishment directly in case any questions arise.
  • What are the activities?
      • As their name indicates, they are activities created by any user, always free and where you can freely sign up if you are interested in participating. If, for example, you are traveling and want to spend a pleasant afternoon in a park with other people, create the activity, activate the filters to find people who are like you. All that remains is to wait for them to sign up and enjoy together.
  • What are the events?
      • They are experiences created by professionals in the sector and that are paid. You can activate the filters to find the events that best suit your interests. They are the best option to complement your trip.
  • Can I create any type of activity or event?
      • Yes, as long as you comply with Weyeboo’s values ​​and purpose. If the activities or events are inclusive, respectful and have the will to have fun, meet people, culture, gastronomy, etc… they will be extremely welcome. Any activity or event that intends to create situations of racism, discrimination, violence, intimidation or outside of our values, will be immediately eliminated.
  • As a native or traveller, can I create an event?
      • Yes, you can create the payment event for the rest of the travellers if it meets the established conditions. It is a good way to show your city to travelers and earn some extra income. At a tax and legal level, it is your responsibility to comply with the regulations of your country and acquire the corresponding legal figure.
  • Can I create content and find ideas for new trips?
      • Yes, through your profile, you can create travel albums to have all the photos organized. You can publish the photos, make comments, ratings and more. You will find a section with all the travel stories of the rest of the users and thus find your next vacation destination.
  • Can I delete my profile?
      • Yes, in the section of my profile, you will find the option to delete all your data. It will be removed from the app and from our database. The data we collect on Weyeboo is only to verify user profiles and for communication between us and you. 
  • I’m a company and I want to offer services and products, how do I do it?
      • Get in touch with us via email ( or WhatsApp and we will provide you with the conditions for companies that want to offer their services and/or products in our app.

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